Reporting in Detail

September 15, 2014
Resiliency with Site Server
March 9, 2015
Here you can find a list of the one-click reports available in PaperCut . Many other report combinations (ad-hoc reports) are available through the use of filters and sorting.

User Based reports

User Printing - Printer Summary
  • Shows which printers are being used by each user
  • See the most frequently used printer by a particular user
Deleted user list
  • Shows a list of deleted users and the date they were deleted
  • See the user who deleted these users

Printer Based reports

Printer Usage - Paper Area Summary
  • Shows the total area and length of paper printed for each printer
  • Useful for plotters or printers that support a variety of paper sizes

Print Log Based Reports

Print Logs
  • Shows what was printed in detail
  • See what printing is done on certain days in your organization - who printed on a Saturday?
  • Filter data by printer, server, user, or document type. For example, report all grayscale documents
Largest Print Jobs
  • Shows the overall largest print jobs
  • Question users on whether they really needed to print a 300 page manual or today's sales data
  • See if the same users are consistently printing large print jobs
  • Use the information to decide if appropriate limits should be set

Printer Group Based Reports

Group Based Reports

Group Printing - Printer Logs

Shared Account Based Reports

Invoice Reports

Environmental Impact Reports

Office Environmental Impact - Summary
  • Shows environmental impact of printing activity for all offices
Department Environmental Impact - Summary
  • Shows environmental impact of printing activity for all departments

Ratio Reports

Configuration Reports

Shared Account Configuration
  • Shows the settings of all shared accounts
  • See which users and groups can access a particular shared account