Global Print Driver

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March 13, 2015
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September 16, 2014

Global Print Driver

Printing to a single queue and releasing from any device (Find Me printing) is essential on large sites. It's easy for users, but often more complicated for Systems Administrators. Finding a print driver to work across a mixed fleet can be a difficult trial and error exercise.
PaperCut's Global Print Driver provides a vendor-neutral solution to make both printing and administration easier for organizations with mixed fleets.

Wide compatibility

PaperCut's Global Print driver is designed to work on the widest possible range of printers out of the box and supports all main print features - duplex, color, paper size and tray selection.
Unlike manufacturer universal print drivers which are designed to work with multiple models across a single brand, PaperCut's Global Print Driver works across both multiple models and multiple brands.

Easy to deploy and use

This signed print driver makes it easier to set up a Find-Me/Global Print Queue in a multi-vendor environment, supporting all print devices on a single server regardless of vendor. Users experience a familiar print dialog no matter what device they intend to use.
Deploy this Windows cross vendor driver quickly using standard driver deployment. Mac users already have a similar experience. The in-built Mac Generic PostScript driver is fully compatible with PaperCut's global queue.

Using a vendor driver

Do you have a predominant vendor on site and would like to use their driver? Use PaperCut's PDL transforms (advanced) to help make output from one driver compatible with another. Find out more about the Global Print Driver with Find Me Printing and Printer Load Balancing.