System Auditing

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March 13, 2015
Top-Up / Pre-Paid Cards
September 19, 2014
The ability to audit changes made to users within PaperCut is an important security feature when administration of the application is centralized and shared.

By default, 30 days of audit data is managed in the solution, however this can be configured to larger or shorter timeframes where needed.

Changes to a user

The behavior of a user within the PaperCut system is defined as a collection of properties and attributes each individual user possesses. Any changes to attributes such as;
  • A user's balance
  • The email address of a user
  • The value (if any) of the overdraft for this user
  • Discounts for a user
  • The user's card numbers and PIN numbers
  • ...and more
..are all auditable through the PaperCut system, recording;
  • The date of change
  • The previous value
  • The current value
  • The attribute and a helpful description
..providing total accountability for changes made to any user.

Changes by a user

Any changes which are made to a user are also attributed to the logged in administrator. This allows the behavior of an administrator to be audited to determine all changes made by that given user. This can be particularly useful if an administrator has made a mistake once to ensure there haven’t been previously unnoticed instances of the same error.