PaperCut NG 20.0.1 (Build 54658)

PaperCut MF 19.2.4 (Build 54493)
June 24, 2020
PaperCut MF 20.0.1 (Build 54657)
June 24, 2020

New Features:


  • Google Cloud Directory (GSuite) User Sync:
    • Added support for syncing users from multiple domains. PC-15004
  • Print Provider:
    • Added a script to turn on/off the auto-import Print Provider feature on Mac/Linux. PC-17221
  • Web Cashier:
    • Added user balance to email acknowledgment. PC-16610
  • Added an Application Log warning message when the application server is not listening on a network interface that is accessible outside the server. PC-16088


  • Device Scripting:
    • Fixed Device Scripting recipes that used incorrect date to enforce daily limit. Please note all scripts that currently use date.getDay() need to be manually updated. EAD-278
  • Print Deploy:
    • Fixed an issue when upgrading on macOS servers where configuration files were set back to default. PC-17259
  • Print Provider:
    • OKI C811 and C835 PCL printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect page count when multiple pages were printed on a single sheet of paper (n-up printing). PC-17177
    • Fixed a potential crash in Print Provider for certain Postscript print jobs when processing paper size names. PC-17195
    • Added “NuancePDF” driver to the list of ignored virtual printers. (Windows only) PC-17220
  • Site Server:
    • Fix to handle device capability updates when capabilities files are invalid. PC-15997
  • User Client:
    • Server performance improvements when dealing with large numbers of user clients. PC-16545
    • Fixed an issue where the User Client on MacOS required the use of the GPU unnecessarily. PC-11261
  • Fixed an issue where System Info section of the About page was incorrectly reporting Operating System as Windows Server 2016 on Windows Server 2019 servers.PC-16214
  • Fixed a rare issue where direct print queue linking is not done when there are multiple possible queue candidates. PC-16962
  • Ensure OS handles are closed when launching processes from the app server such as during periodic user/group sync. PC-16772
  • Fixed an issue where a user email cannot be updated if the email suffix option was enabled. PC-16701
  • Fixed missing single quotes from some translated strings on the Device/Printer copy setting page in the Admin Web Interface. PC-16241
  • Fixed and issue with Server-Command that resulted in Konica Minolta devices erroring after being deleted. EAD-482
  • Updated the bundled Java Runtime Environment to version 11.0.5, to incorporate the latest security fixes. PC-15760
  • Remove the requirement of a PaperCut group for Linux/systemd installs. PC-16505
  • Stop warning messages when a client is testing a pc-lpd connection on port 515 to ensure the service is running. PC-17023

Other notes:

  • This release includes a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.