Cross Platform

CPad Control Terminal
March 13, 2015
September 19, 2014
PaperCut is part of the new wave of applications that support all platforms equally. We believe that applications should not dictate your choice of operating systems. Therefore PaperCut supports any combination of print servers and user workstations running under Windows, Linux, Mac or Novell OES that you already have running or might be planning to use in the future.

All platforms are treated equally. Releases are synchronized and all have the same feature set. Mac and Linux systems are native versions, not second class ports of a Windows application! Developing cross-platform software at this level is a large engineering investment. However it is something our development team is proud of and is a testament to our dedication to engineering excellence and modern forward-looking design.

Domain Infrastructure

Not only does PaperCut run on all operating systems on both the server and the workstation, it is also agnostic when it comes to your network environment. PaperCut supports the following directory environments as standard:
  • Windows Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • eDirectory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Standard POSIX (PAM, NIS/Yellow Pages)
  • Samba
  • Workgroup-only environments

Cross-platform Administration

Our administration and user interfaces are web based, detached from the underlying server technology, ensuring the exact same look & feel irrespective of the server technology. Any computer that has a web browser can interact with PaperCut!

Cross-platform Client Tools

Users are presented with the same popup windows no matter which computer they log on to, requiring no re-training when transitioning from, say, Windows to Mac.
In the face of an evolving IT infrastructure both PaperCut server and client components can be seamlessly transitioned from running on one operating system to running on another providing users with continuity in day-to-day printing.

Not just cross-platform... true multi-platform!

PaperCut is able to support multiple server platforms on the one network all working together. Many of our larger university sites choose to deploy PaperCut on one platform but host print queues on a mix of others. Platforms like talking "their language" but PaperCut talks all platform languages. Windows desktops can print to Windows queues, the Macs can print to Mac server queues, etc.

A license for PaperCut allows you to run any of the components on any of the supported operating systems. Changing platforms is not an issue and there is no need for any additional purchases. See the Fair section of the tour for more on licensing.