December 10, 2019

PaperCut MF 19.2.1 (Build 52937)

New Features: Print Deploy Added the ability to deploy printers, drivers and default print settings based on user groups.PD-329 For additional Print Deploy updates, see the Print Deploy release notes New Percolator feature providing the ability to request text or numeric values from MFD users as part of a scan action, and interpolate those values into a Scan to Email destination address. Supports full or partial email addresses, and email-to-fax gateways. PC-16740 Document Processing now includes: Batch Splitting: Split a single multi-page scan job into multiple output documents by page count or blank page separator Blank Page Removal: automatically detects […]
October 14, 2019

PaperCut MF 19.1.5 (Build 52403)

Fixes: Removed settings from the Scan Action page related to Job Splitting which were intended for version 19.2. Downloads for 19.1.4 have been removed to avoid confusion. PC-16678 Removed a faulty fix for PaperCut Global PostScript printer driver that was released in 19.1.4. Downloads for 19.1.4 have been removed to avoid confusion. PC-16685 Other Notes: If you are running v19.1.1 or later, there is NO database upgrade.
October 8, 2019

PaperCut MF 19.1.4 (Build 52302)

Enhancements Added new lookup mechanisms to External Database Lookup. SysAdmins can now search for users based on email, username alias, or username with a username alias backup. PC-15557 Mac client-local-install now supports 64 bit architecture. PC-13922 When PaperCut MF is installed on a Mac server, the default for iOS printing has changed so that it now needs to be manually enabled. PC-16471 Fixes EPSON SC-P6000/7000/8000/9000, PX-H7000/9000 Series printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused the following problems: incorrect number of pages and copies page size was incorrectly detected as A4 or Letter if printed on some page sizes that wide-format […]
September 19, 2019

PaperCut MF 19.1.3 (Build 52103)

New Features Canon Gen3+ (MEAP) (version 1.0.0)*: PaperCut MF now provides a new solution for supported Canon MEAP 3rd generation devices.  Fixes Fixed a bug that caused color of username and password field labels on the web Release Station to follow the custom color settings in the file. PC-16414 Fixed a problem with the Dashboard that caused Y-axis labels to repeat when maximum pages printed during last 30 days was less than 10. PC-16377 Fixed an issue that caused the Web Services call for generating AdHoc reports to crash whenever list objects were passed to it. PC-16369 Fixed an […]