Import Mobility Print queues into Print Deploy

This topic describes how to use Print Deploy to Import Mobility Print queues.

The high-level steps are:

  1. Prepare to import the queues
  2. Run the import wizard
  3. Connect print queues to a zone

Step 1: Prepare to import the queues

  1. Ensure there is at least one working Mobility Print server connected to your PaperCut NG/MF server.

  2. Determine if you want to use the PaperCut Global PostScript driver or the Native/OEM Printer driver for your queues.

  3. To configure the hostname or IP of the Mobility Print server where the Print Deploy client will be sending the print jobs to, set the Accessible IP on each Mobility Print server.

    If this is unset, Print Deploy will use the IP address reported by the Mobility Print server.

Step 2: Run the import wizard

  1. Log into PaperCut MF.

  2. Select Enable Printing > Print Deploy. The Print Deploy page is displayed.

    • Only users with 'Access options section' admin rights can access the Enable Printing tab. Admin rights are configured under Options > Admin Rights.

    • The first time you open Print Deploy you'll see a welcome video.

  3. In the right panel, do one of the following:

    • If this is the first time you're using Print Deploy, click Import Mobility Print queues.

    • If you have already installed print queues, click Add or update; then click Import Mobility Print queues.

    The Before you begin panel is displayed reminding you of the preparation required to import Mobility Print queues.

  4. Click Start scanning for Mobility Print queues.

    A scanning indicator is displayed while Print Deploy scans for Mobility Print queues.

    When complete, the list of Mobility Print queues is displayed.

  5. Select the Mobility Print queues you want to import; then click Import Mobility Print queues.

  6. When the import is completed, close the panel.

Step 3: Connect print queues to a zone

A zone is a location defined by an IPv4 address range, for example, an office, branch, or campus. It also include user groups to help define who can access the printers in that zone.

By default Print Deploy has one zone, called Everyone, that deploys print queues to all computers and all groups in the network. And of course you can add as many of your own zones as required.


Before you can add new zones, you'll need to purchase the Advanced Print Enablement Pack.

  1. Click Zones, then in the Your zones list, select the zone you want to connect printers to.

    If you need to add a new zone first, take a look at how to add zones and user groups to Print Deploy.

    Print Deploy admin interface with new print queues and the Everyone zone selected.

  2. In the Print queues list, select which printers you want to be automatically installed on the users' computers; then click Connect to zone. They are added to the list of print queues for that zone.

  3. If required, add print queues to the zone that you want to make optional for users to install on their computer. They can install them via the Add printers tab in their Print Deploy client.

    1. In the Print queues list, select which printers you want to make optional for users to install.

    2. At the bottom of the list of printers, select the Optional install checkbox.

    3. Click Connect to zone. They are added to the list of print queues for that zone.


For Chromebooks: Optional print queues aren't applicable for Chromebook users. All Chromebook print queues connected to a zone are available for Chromebook users to print to.

By default, all computers that already have the Print Deploy client installed will automatically install the print queues within 15 minutes. This time is configurable though, so if you'd like to change it, go to Enhance Print Deploy security (optional).


Default printer

As of v1.3 of Print Deploy, you can now set one print queue in each zone as the default by selecting "Set as default" on the print queue's options button (⋯) within the zone.

Prior to v1.3 or if there is no default print queue set in a zone, the Print Deploy client sets the default print queue based on if a print queue name is a Find me queue (or variation of, with spaces/hyphens in between).

However, if Windows has been set up to manage the default printer for users, then the client honors this setting. Disable this setting if you intend the client to honor the default print queue from the server.

What's next?

If the Print Deploy client has already been installed on some computers, click Save and deploy. The print queues will be automatically installed on the computers within 15 minutes. (This time is configurable.)

Otherwise, decide if you want to: