Install the Print Deploy client manually on computers

(Optional) Customize the user login popup

Depending on the method you've chosen to determine the user's identity, users might be presented with a one-off user login popup for authentication. For details on how to customize the branding and text on the popup, go to Customize the Print Deploy user login popup branding and text.

Install the Print Deploy client


Install and run the Print Deploy client on a test computer before installing it on your users' computers. Don't use the reference computer or a server for this.

  1. On the user's computer, open PaperCut NG/MF.

  2. Click Enable Printing. The Print Deploy page is displayed.

  3. At the bottom of the page click the Windows or macOS button. The Print Deploy client is downloaded with the server address in the filename (so the client knows which server to connect to for the print queue information).


    It's also possible to set the server address to the Print Deploy client via command line options: -s desired_server_address.

  4. Run through the installation wizard and click Finish.

    Depending on the method configured for Print Deploy to determine the user's identity, users might be presented with a login screen to enter their PaperCut username and password.

Users will now be able to use the Print Deploy client to choose printers to install (depending if the Admin has set this up) and have other printers automatically installed for them.