Set the method that Print Deploy uses to determine the user's identity

You can choose whether users will receive a once-off authentication popup when the Print Deploy client starts up for the first time. This once-off authentication is useful in environments where users' computers are not joined to a local domain, for example, G Suite or Azure AD environments.

Print Deploy automatically detects whether a computer is joined to a domain, and if it is, it will not authenticate the user and instead use the identity of the logged-in user.

If this is not the behavior you want, you can configure Print Deploy to either always trust the identity of the logged-in user, or always prompt for an authentication. The latter is especially useful in environments like shared office spaces where a computer might be joined to a domain, but it is a different company's domain and you do not want to trust that identity.

Use the config key UserIdentityMethod.

You can update this config key in two ways:

  • Via the Settings tab in the Print Deploy admin interface.

  • Update the UserIdentityMethod config keyin the client.conf.toml file, located in: <application-server-path>\providers\print-deploy\win\data\config.

    Any changes to this config requires a PaperCutPrint Deploy Server service restart.

Config key values

When the Print Deploy client is first installed, a once-off login popup is displayed. The user has to enter their PaperCut credentials before the print queues are installed.

By default, the user is given the option to use their PaperCut username and password. To support other forms of credentials, for example Google identity, see Set the method that Print Deploy uses to determine the user's identity.


Print Deploy uses the logged-in user's identity for authentication purposes.


If the computer has domain membership, Print Deploy attempts to determine if it can trust the logged-in user. Else, the login popup is displayed.

Default value: Auto.

In a non-local AD environment, when deploying and installing Mobility Print queues, user authentication is required. The user will be presented with a once-off authentication popup.

Configuring login options with PROMPT mode

With PROMPT mode enabled, by default the user can use their PaperCut username and password to log in. To support other forms of login credentials, you can modify the config key AuthMethods, available since v1.5 (October 2020).

Below are the login options you can use for the AuthMethods config key. You need to enable at least one option for PROMPT mode:

Options for AuthMethods

Provides the user with the option to log in using their PaperCut username and password.


Provides the user the option to log in using their Google credentials. It adds a "Continue with Google" button in the PaperCut Print Deploy client's login screen.

If there's no user in PaperCut NG/MF associated with the email address used for logging in, the authentication will fail.

For more information, take a look at Synchronize user and group details with Google Cloud Directory.

To configure AuthMethods, open <application-server-path>\providers\print-deploy\win\data\config\client.conf.toml and add or update this line accordingly:

AuthMethods = ["google", "username"]


The google option is currently only available in Windows and macOS clients. ChromeOS support is not yet available.