Change the polling time for Print Deploy

The polling frequency determines how often the Print Deploy client contacts the Application Server to check for new print queues. By default, this is every 15 minutes plus and minus a random offset to avoid all clients calling in at the same time.

The Print Deploy client polls the server for a list of printers every x number of seconds, where:

x =IntervalSecs + Rand.between(MinRandomOffsetSecs , MaxRandomOffsetSecs)

You can change the number of seconds in two ways:

  • Via the Settings tab in the Print Deploy admin interface.

  • Update the values in the client.conf.toml file, located in: <PaperCut NG\MF installation folder>\providers\print-deploy\win \data\config\client.conf.toml

    Any change to the .toml file requires a PaperCut Print Deploy Server service restart.

The config values that change the polling frequency are:


IntervalSecs = 900

MinRandomOffsetSecs = -300

MaxRandomOffsetSecs = 300


As an example of how the values work, the polling values above give a polling time of 15 minutes, plus or minus 5 minutes. This results in a minimum time of 10 minutes and maximum time of 20 minutes. They are calculated after each check-in.


If for whatever reason you don't want computers to call in other than at startup, set the IntervalSecs value to its maximum value, 2147483647.

Config value


A positive integer value.
Default is 900 seconds.


An integer value lesser than or equal to MaxRandomOffsetSecs.

This value should be negative.

Defaults to -300 seconds.

Minimum value: -2147483647 (This value should not exceed the intervalSecs value.)


Must be a positive value.
Defaults to 300 seconds.
Maximum value: 2147483647

You can confirm your configuration on the user's computer by looking at the following logs:

Windows: C:\Program Files\PaperCut Print Deploy Client\data\logs\pc-print-deploy-client.log

macOS: /Applications/PaperCut\ Print\ Deploy\ Client/data/logs/pc-print-deploy-client.log

The PaperCutPrint Deploy Client logs look like this:

2019/07/22 17:39:24 pc-print-deploy-client.exe: STDOUT|SUPPORT: querying for printer list again after 37 seconds {"src":"scheduler.go:39"}

2019/07/22 17:40:01 pc-print-deploy-client.exe: STDOUT|SUPPORT: querying for printer list again after 70 seconds {"src":"scheduler.go:39"}

2019/07/22 17:41:11 pc-print-deploy-client.exe: STDOUT|SUPPORT: querying for printer list again after 78 seconds {"src":"scheduler.go:39"}


You might notice that there are similar config values in the computer's installation. The server values overwrite the computer's config values.