Step 1: Install Mobility Print

This topic covers:

Plan and prepare for your installation

Before you install Mobility Print, follow these steps:

  1. Decide which host you want to install Mobility Print on.

    If you already have an existing print server… bonus! Just use the same host as that print server. You can jump to Download and install Mobility Print on your print server.


    Do not install Mobility Print on a DNS server or Domain Controller. For details about why not, take a look at Can I install PaperCut on a Domain Controller?

    Mobility Print needs to be installed on a system that is permanently connected to your network. This can be:

    • an existing print server

    • a new system (even a desktop system) that's permanently left on

    • a virtual machine. This machine must have its own IP address so it cannot be behind a NAT (Network Address Translation).

    For more information, see Mobility Print system requirements.

  2. Determine the printer discovery method to use that best suits your environment.

  3. Open the necessary firewall rules according to the printer discovery method you're using.

Set up a print server (if one does not exist)

  1. Ensure the host system is connected to the same network that your end users will be printing from.

  2. Set up all your printers on the system using the manufacturer's provided print drivers.


    Make sure your printers have logical names that clearly identify them as Mobility Print printers. It's harder to change names later—users get used to names!

  3. Perform a test print on each printer to make sure it works.

  4. If you are :

    • running PaperCut NG/MF and you are setting up an additional print server, install the PaperCut secondary server (a print server with a Print Provider installed).

    • not using PaperCut NG/MF at your organization and want to be able to authorize users, follow the PaperCut NG/MF Installation instructions to install the Application Server.


      Most small to medium sized organizations run their PaperCut Application Server on the same host as their print server.

  5. Check that PaperCut NG/MF tracks print jobs.

Download and install Mobility Print on your print server

  1. Select your OS below and follow the steps to install Mobility Print on a Windows, macOS, or Linux server.


    Mobility Print must be installed on a local drive; it cannot be installed on a network drive.

  2. Follow the point below that matches your environment:

    • If you're using Mobility Print with PaperCut NG/MF, the Mobility Print Admin interface page is displayed. You're ready to configure Mobility Print.

    • If you're using Mobility Print on its own, the Create an account page is displayed. Complete the fields and click Create account.

      The Mobility Print Admin interface page is displayed ready for you to configure Mobility Print.