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Ghost Trap

Ghost Trap is a security hardened version of Ghostscript. It's open source software supported by PaperCut Software. It brings best-of-breed security to the popular PostScript and PDF conversion software by utilizing the same sandbox security technology used by the Google Chrome Browser. You can read more about this project here: The Ghost Trap Project Page.

If your environment supports Windows clients, you need to install Ghost Trap on the Mobility Print Server because Mobility Print converts PostScript to PDF conversion. See the Print job delivery section for more details.

Here is the link to download and install Ghost Trap on your Mobility Print Server:

Windows Server: Click here to download.


Mac Server: Install the PostScript viewing software Ghostscript version 9.06. Richard Koch from the University of Oregon maintains a Mac version of Ghostscript. Download this here.


If you're using the Homebrew package manager, there is a  Ghostscript package available for install.

Linux: All major Linux distributions either come with Ghostscript automatically installed, or an option to install via the standard package manager. See your distributor's documentation for further details. You should ensure that the gs command is on the PATH (for the PaperCut user).