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Discover printers using mDNS

When you set up Mobility Print, mDNS is automatically configured so it should just-work™! All you need to do is test that you can print from each device operating system (for example, Chromebook or iPhone). If you have multiple subnets, test each device in each subnet.

  1. In the Mobility Print Admin interface, click the Client Setup link for client's operating system.

    Job count

  2. Follow the client setup instructions.

  3. On each client type, send a test print job (for example, XKCD, or an ASCII table if the boss is around).

  4. Verify that the document printed correctly.

  5. Check the job counter in the Mobility Print Admin interface. It should have changed from “0” to “1”.

  6. Repeat the test print for each printer…. look for any errors in the Mobility Print Admin interface! If you experience any issues or problems, check out the Troubleshooting section. Alternatively, you might consider using DNS.