PaperCut MF 19.2.3 (Build 53767)

PaperCut NG 19.2.3 (Build 53768)
March 10, 2020
PaperCut NG 19.2.4 (Build 54502)
June 24, 2020


  • Improve Email to Print filtering. If the mail’s received date is not available, fall back to its sent date. PC-17102
  • The example C# code supplied in ServerCommandProxy.cs now reflects newer web services API features
  • The build instructions for the C# example code have been updated for the .NET Core framework PC-9495


  • Bulk User Operations: Fix to handle large user lists. PC-17087
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate firewall rules were created during a server installation or upgrade for the Print Deploy component. PC-17074
  • Fix bug in getGroupMembers() call. All members are now returned, not just the 1st requested slice. Also fixes a similar problem in server-command PC-17042
  • Improved the logging for when errors occur calling our XML-RPC APIs PC-17001
  • Fixed a bug in the advanced external device API that caused an exception to be thrown when trying to fetch a list of shared accounts in debug mode. PC-16850
  • Fixed an issue preventing email to print from working with some mail servers. PC-17077
  • Integrated Scanning:
    • Fix on Windows for source PDFs not being closed when merging PDFs. PC-16941
  • Print Provider:
    • Riso ComColor GD series GDI printer driver: Fixed an issue that paper sizes other than A4 were incorrectly detected as A4 PC-17049
    • fixed a non backward compatibility issue that could be caused on full-page watermark applied to PCL6 data PC-17044
    • Océ varioPRINT series PostScript, PCL6 printer driver: Fixed an issue that the following job attributes could not be identified.
      • duplex
      • the number of copies
      • the number of pages when multipage-up (n-up) or booklet layout is used
      Océ varioPRINT series XPS printer driver: Fixed an issue that PDL (page description language) detection and a spool file analysis always failed PC-17021
    • PaperCut Global Print Driver: Fixed an issue that Canon devices might select an unexpected tray when setting Paper Source to Automatically Select or Manual Feed PC-16796
    • Windows:
      • Fixed an issue that a job printed to a physical queue with server-side rendering enabled via Windows Store apps or the Edge browser might not be deleted from the queue after releasing the job. PC-16928
      • Added ‘ImageFlow’ driver variants to the list of ignored virtual printers. PC-17032

Copier/Device Integrations

  • HP (OXP):
    • Integrated Scanning: Fix on Windows for source PDFs not being closed when merging PDFs. PC-16941
  • Kyocera (HyPAS) version 3.0.3*:
    • Fixed integrated scanning of 2-sided landscape pages. PC-16671
    • Improved the usability of the device functions button on the Held Print Jobs screen. MAC-6303
  • Ricoh (SmartSDK) version 2.4.4*:
    • Fixed an issue where the embedded application would lose Integrated Scanning after the device was rebooted. EAD-495
  • Xerox (EIP):
    • Fix Account Tracking and USB Print Tracking for Xerox EIP1.5+ support on Xerox Altalink devices. PC-16359
  • Konica Minolta:
    • Fixed an issue that prevents the user from logging in when the server is down, using the Offline mode option: “Allow job to proceed, regardless of balance” PC-16981

Other notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.