July 7, 2020

PaperCut NG 20.0.2 (Build 54737)

Fixes: Desktop Client: Fixed an issue that could cause print jobs to not be accepted at sites using desktop client with popups, when the status dashboard has been left open..PC-17485
June 24, 2020

PaperCut NG 20.0.1 (Build 54658)

New Features: Automatic Application Server Failover: Provide in-app Application Server Failover for customers with a network load balancer. PC-16516 Enhancements: Google Cloud Directory (GSuite) User Sync: Added support for syncing users from multiple domains. PC-15004 Print Provider: Added a script to turn on/off the auto-import Print Provider feature on Mac/Linux. PC-17221 Web Cashier: Added user balance to email acknowledgment. PC-16610 Added an Application Log warning message when the application server is not listening on a network interface that is accessible outside the server. PC-16088 Fixes: Device Scripting: Fixed Device Scripting recipes that used incorrect date to enforce daily limit. Please […]
June 24, 2020

PaperCut NG 19.2.4 (Build 54502)

Enhancements: Call-home data is now communicated via HTTPS without the ability to downgrade to HTTP. PC-17075 Print Provider:Ensured that a new instance of the PaperCut CUPS backend and filter are installed for PaperCut NG/MF upgrades on Catalina so that security requirements are met.PC-17186 Fixes: Fixed an issue related to processing paper size names for some Postscript print jobs that could cause the Print Provider to crash. PC-17195 Fixed an issue which could cause license warnings to display with an incorrect (very large) number of days remaining.PC-16791 Site Server: Added a fix to handle device capability updates when capability files are […]
March 10, 2020

PaperCut NG 19.2.3 (Build 53768)

Enhancements: Improve Email to Print filtering. If the mail’s received date is not available, fall back to its sent date. PC-17102 The example C# code supplied in ServerCommandProxy.cs now reflects newer web services API features The build instructions for the C# example code have been updated for the .NET Core framework PC-9495 Fixes: Bulk User Operations: Fix to handle large user lists. PC-17087 Fixed an issue where duplicate firewall rules were created during a server installation or upgrade for the Print Deploy component. PC-17074 Fix bug in getGroupMembers() call. All members are now returned, not just the 1st requested slice. […]