Available in PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Self association for emails and email verification/validation

Unknown emails and email self-association

When mobile printing technologies identify job owners by email address, PaperCut needs a way to identify and authenticate the email's owner. E.g. with Google Cloud Print, jobs are "owned" by a Google Account, which is an email address. With Email to Print, the job's owner is identified by the sending email address.

PaperCut provides three main ways to populate email addresses. Select the method that best suits your organization.

  • Email addresses are automatically imported from the user directory. If you have configured organization / "official" addresses in your user directory then these are imported to PaperCut and further configuration might not be required.

  • Manual configuration. A SysAdmin can add and remove email addresses on behalf of a user on the Users tab of the PaperCut Admin web interface. We recommend using the Other emails section for this purpose if you are adding "official" organization addresses in case you later decide to add them to your user directory.

  • Email self-association, allowing users to add an email address to their user account by themselves.

Select how to handle jobs from an unknown email address

  1. Select Enable Printing > Mobile & BYOD.

    The Mobile & BYOD page is displayed.

  2. In the Common Mobile Printing Options area, in When a job arrives from an unknown email address, select one of the following options:

    • Cancel the job—Cancel the job and optionally send an email when the job requires user action (for example, account selection). Select this option if you are manually configuring the email addresses.

    • Cancel the job and email the user with further information—Cancel the job and always send an email with further information.

    • Hold the job and email the user with instructions for verifying the address—Hold the job and offer the user to verify (self-associate) their address.


      Email self-association works as follows:

      1. When a job arrives from an unknown user, the job is held and an email response is sent to the user that includes a link.

      2. Clicking the link prompts the user to log in.

      3. The user logs into their PaperCut account and the email address is added to their account. When viewing the user in the Admin web interface, it is displayed under Other emails.

      4. The job is assigned to the verified user and proceeds to print.

      5. Future jobs are automatically assigned to the verified user.

  3. Click Apply.