Available in PaperCut MF only.

Changing attributes of print jobs at the device

PaperCut MF allows users to change the attributes of print jobs at the device. Based on the changes made, PaperCut MF shows the updated cost and savings, to give immediate positive feedback to the user, encouraging behavior change.

Users can make the following changes to one or many jobs, simultaneously:

  • Print as grayscale (from color to grayscale)

  • Print as 2-sided (from 1-sided to 2-sided)


The above changes are applied only upon release.

Clicking the arrow to the right of a single print job displays all the attributes for that job, allowing users to make the following additional changes

  • Copies

  • Duplex mode (from 1-sided to 2-sided)

  • Color mode (from color to grayscale)

  • Account

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