Available in PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Report types

The following types of one-click reports are available on the Reports tab:

  • User reports

    These are reports producing information about users. They range from a list of users, their names and current account balance, to detailed reports listing all print jobs printed by a user over a particular time-frame.

  • Print Log reports

    The print log is a detailed list of all printing performed on the network. The print log reports allow administrators to produce reports that list all jobs over a given date range with simple one-click version for today's print jobs and largest print jobs.

  • Group reports

    These reports group printer usage by network group allowing SysAdmins to determine which group of users performs the most prints. These reports are ideal for gaining a quick overview of printing costs performed by work area, department, floor, management level, etc.

  • Transaction reports

    These provide a summary of the transactions / balance adjustments.

  • Custom reports

    Run and schedule custom reports that have been created using Jaspersoft Studio.

  • Environmental impact reports

    These reports summarize the environment impact of printing.

  • Ratio reports

    These reports compare relative printing usage.

  • Period comparison reports

    These reports compare printing activity between two periods.